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Refurbished Units

For your refurbished items, what exactly was refurbished? Is it in working condition? 


Each of our refurbished units all varies. There are some cases where it has been ordered in error and returned to us and we no longer can sell it as new. If there was an issue with the unit such as a part, we replace that before selling it as well. We make sure it is functioning just like a new unit before we sell it. All of our refurbished items have been checked over and inspected thoroughly by experienced technicians.

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    • Is there a rental program?

      No, not at this time. You may contact our support team regarding refurbished Trailer Valet units at or call us at (844) 846-9344.
    • What is the proper tire inflation?

      The current XL unit has solid rubber tires. Pneumatic tires that require inflation are only found on 5X units and older models of the XL. This does not apply to new XL models nor all XL-Pro units.
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